Graham Cracker Nativity Scene

Gluesticks Blog shared a way to switch things up and make a nativity scene instead of the traditional graham cracker house for Christmas .

Items you need:

Honey Maid Graham Crackers

Peanut Butter

I like using peanut butter because my kids think it tastes better than royal icing. It’s a fun twist on the traditional iced gingerbread house, but it does not harden like royal icing does. If you are looking to transport one of these go ahead and stick with royal icing, but this version is a great little activity and snack.

An assortment of candies:

gum drops

red hots

malt balls

mini candy canes

animal crackers

toasted coconut

fruit by the foot

To keep it easy and as mess-free as possible, we put the peanut butter into a quart size freezer bag and cut off the corner. This makes assembly a snap!

Start with the bottom. Use peanut butter to attach the bottom graham cracker to your base (cardboard wrapped in foil, or a sturdy paper plate). Then add the half graham crackers for the side walls, a full graham cracker for the back, and another one for the top.

My boys were able to assemble theirs on their own, but I helped the girls. They did the people and decorations on their own and had a great time doing so!

To create Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, and the angel, slide gum drops onto a toothpick. Baby Jesus is two gum drops wrapped in a piece of fruit by the foot. Then angel has two candy canes for wings.

Use peanut butter to attach them to your nativity scene. You can trim the excess toothpick off from the bottom or leave it like we did. We used cardboard for our base, so I just pushed the extra toothpick section through the graham cracker and into the cardboard base for extra stability. Baby Jesus is resting on a small piece of graham cracker.

Add toasted coconut by spreading a thin coat of peanut butter across your base and sprinkling the coconut on top. Animal crackers make quick and easy stable animals. We found a donkey, camel….and even and elephant?? The kids thought the scene definitely needed the elephant.

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