DIY Nativity Story Stones

This blog post from Rainy Day Mum shows you step by step how to create Nativity Story Stones with your child for Christmas!

Unlike the Christmas story stones  I shared recently I was a bit worried about making these, to put it politely my drawing skills are not my strongest and drawing people is…. well it’s tricky. I’ve made these story stones simple enough so that older kids can make them and also simple enough that I was brave enough to pick up a pen and do it too.  After all, I’m a great believer in always giving something creative a go and not being held back by your own fears.


Stones or Pebbles – ours were collected from the beach but you can buy bags to use that are perfect.

Pens – I used a mixture of Posca pens for the black fine line work and Chalkola pens for the thicker colours or Acrylic Paints, both will work really well.


I started by drawing all the outlines using a thin black pen (I would recommend this even if you are going to paint a Sharpie should work as well). Both the sets of pens I’ve used are easy to remove if you make a mistake, just give the stone a bit of a rub with a baby wipe and then try again when it’s dried off (if you use a sharpie or acrylic paint then nail polish remover is your friend especially with acetone in it).

I’ve also previously covered both my own hands and my children have drawn all over their hands in the pens and they were really easy to clean so I’m happy to report that these are pretty child-friendly!

The outlines only take a moment to dry and then I filled in some colour. Originally I was going to leave all the pens as black outlines but I was a little concerned that my kids wouldn’t know who was Mary and who was Joseph so the thicker pens came out for colouring. If you want to colour your Nativity story stones with paint I would recommend giving a few minutes between the layers of paint. The pens are fine to do on top of each other without bleeding and will still give great colours but with paints, if you do this too early the colours will blend a bit.

Give your stones a minute or two to dry and they are ready to share with your kids for them to use as a story prompt or to talk about the nativity story. These are also great for kids to make themselves and to display as a little nativity scene. 

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