A Simple Craft To Help Kids Connect With Prayer


I remember the day Aubrey was born so well. She never cried. I mean even in the delivery room the doctors thought it was so strange, she just looked and slowly blinked from these big, round eyes. It was easy to tell from then on that she was a big, deep thinker. She has this incredible memory and she thinks about and processes things that are so beyond her years, it continues to blow us away even now at 7 year old.

The problem with such big thoughts is that they are not always the happy go lucky ones. She sees the problems of the world and she has these fears that sometimes keep her awake at night. We have endless conversation about the fears and help her to understand them and process them in terms that make it easier for her to let go. But it’s still just sort of there. Like this foggy film that you can’t quite clean off the glass.

This Christmas her older cousin gifted her with a Prayer Box. Her cousin took time to explain that all her worries and fears just needed to be written down and put in her box and God would help take care of them.

My sister had informed me of the gift ahead of time, and I distinctly remember thinking “Oh cute, but she likely won't use this”. When she opened the gift she was beyond excited and immediately wrote out multiple cards with worries on them. A month passed and I had forgotten about the box until I came upon it while cleaning. I opened it up to find multiple cards written out. She has been steadily using it! And not only for her worries and fears. She has written prayers for people who have passed, for people who are having struggles, and things she is thankful for. The Prayer Box has been such an incredible gift, one we are so thankful for.

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