5 Beautiful Ways To Remember Loved Ones

My grandma passed away almost a year ago. The first year was hard. We really noticed the little moments we missed her – family gatherings, talking politics or finding a date to go see the ‘must see’ movies. I now find my mind wandering into new territory, I search my head wondering if I remember her voice, her smell and the way she felt when she gave you a hug. I now wish I could go back to that first month after she passed and save a few of the items our family never really considered worth saving. Below are some really wonderful ways families have found to remember those they love. If you have anything special you have done, I would love to hear about it. I am just glad I had the foresight to save her famous red sweater!

1.  Memory Bear 


2.  Men's Shirt Apron 


3.  Memorial Shirt Pillow 



4.  Ornaments 


5.  Jewelry 


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